Six Fruits of Paradise

Six Fruits of Paradise

6 Fruits of Paradise is a beautiful herbal tea that is naturally caffeine and sugar-free! It surprisingly offers a fresh, fruity and sweet flavor. How you ask? It’s a savvy blend of premium herbs, natural fruits, and delicate blossoms. The golden-yellow liquor calms and soothes, leaving behind thoughtful notes of your favorite fresh fruits.

Serving Size: 1.25tsp / 8oz
Temperature: 203-212°F
Steep Time: 5-10 min

Ingredients: Sultanas, apple, mango, lemongrass, rose hips, hibiscus, orange peel, carrot peel, stinging nettle leaves, sweet mulberry leaves, tangerine-orange pieces, cornflower, mallow and marigold blossoms, rose petals, rose buds, safflower

Tasting Notes: Fresh, sweet, fruity, slightly floral nose.

Liquor Color: Golden yellow

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